War On The Rocks: Corona and Bioterrorism

Together with Prof. Peter Neumann from King’s College London I have published an article on Corona and Bioterrorism on the online platform “War On The Rocks”.


We argue that the challenges for a sophisticated large scale bioterrist attack remain significant unless the attackers receive major help from a state or can use a states infrastructure as an insider. The likelihood that a terrorist group will come up with a virus similar to SARS-CoV-2 by themselves having a „zero-day-exploit“ on the human immune sytem is very low. However more crude types of attack remain a viable possibility.

New Scientific Paper of Interest

New paper from the Australian Defense Lab DSTG describing the analysis of three different stock of the nerve agent VX by NMR, LC-HRMS/MS, GC-MS(EI and GC-MS(CI) and identification of impurities that serve as chemical attribution signatures (CAS). The CAS profile contained 44 compounds of which 37 were identified. Several of these compounds could be traced back to the precursor chemicals used for synthesis.