New Scientific Paper of Interest

New paper from the Australian Defense Lab DSTG describing the analysis of three different stock of the nerve agent VX by NMR, LC-HRMS/MS, GC-MS(EI and GC-MS(CI) and identification of impurities that serve as chemical attribution signatures (CAS). The CAS profile contained 44 compounds of which 37 were identified. Several of these compounds could be traced back to the precursor chemicals used for synthesis.

Teaching at AKNZ

This week I was at the German Academy for crisis management, emergency planning and civil protection (AKNZ) where I had the pleasure to talk about specific risks of novel 4th generation nerve agents to first responders. The audience were CBRN instructors from the state firefighting academies with the idea to get this information through them to the first responders across the country. Local fire services – many of them voluntary – are likely to be the first on the scene of an incident. Protecting them and enabling them to respond is key to limit casualties and mitigate effects.