Article “Corona and Bioterrorism” won prize from the Stanton Foundation

The Stanton Foundation (well known for their work on nuclear security and other field) currently runs a size contest “Applying History to Clarify the COVID-19” and selects winning articles and Op-Eds through an advisory panel from the Applied History Project at Harvard Kennedy School’s Belfer Center.

The article “Corona and Bioterrorism: How serious is the Threat?” I published together with Prof Peter Neumann of King’s College on War on The Rocks, was awarded a prize in this contest. The Selection Committee described the article as “an illuminating analysis of the risk of bioterrorism in light of coronavirus, informed by history and technical expertise.”

War On The Rocks: Corona and Bioterrorism

Together with Prof. Peter Neumann from King’s College London I have published an article on Corona and Bioterrorism on the online platform “War On The Rocks”.

We argue that the challenges for a sophisticated large scale bioterrist attack remain significant unless the attackers receive major help from a state or can use a states infrastructure as an insider. The likelihood that a terrorist group will come up with a virus similar to SARS-CoV-2 by themselves having a „zero-day-exploit“ on the human immune sytem is very low. However more crude types of attack remain a viable possibility.