Knowledge has to be improved, challenged, and increased constantly, or it vanishes.

Peter Drucker, management consultant

Trainings and e-learning

Sometimes a fully fledged laboratory program is not required but there is a need for specific training in methods, techniques or just solid background knowledge. Tailored training courses are the solution for these needs.

While laboratory based trainings should preferably happen in the participants home lab with the equipment they are comfortable with and use every day, in person on-site trainings (while still preferable) might not be absolutely required. Over the past years we have all experienced the potential (but also the limitations) of remote conference and remote training sessions and we will exploit the possibilities of remote teaching to the maximum extent.

Finally, there are e-learning materials that can be used by participants where and when they want and at their own pace. Webcasts, educational videos and interactive simulations can be highly valuable and can of course be reused when needed. 

Training courses (on-site and remote)

We offer training related to all aspects of laboratory analysis - from sample management, sample preparation, instrumental analysis to data processing and reporting. We suggest to conduct laboratory based trainings on-site at your place using your equipment and instruments as this leads to a much better transfer of new skills and knowledge into daily work. Alternatively we can also offer training locations off-site.

We also provide workshops and trainings related to other aspects of our service portfolio. If you need guidance on QM procedures, declaration and inspection related issues or want to learn some of the latest molecular modeling techniques - just reach out to us and we are happy to provide you with a tailored training offer.


Electronic training materials and e-learning

Some trainings really benefit from being conducted on-site in a non-virtual format. But many other training activities can also be conducted in a virtual format or can be provided as e-learning materials. Over the past years we have all gained experience in what a Zoom (MS Teams, WebEx...) call is able to achieve and what not.

We believe that we have a pretty good understanding of the possibilities and limitations when it comes to teaching and training and we are happy to share our experience with you when it comes to creating an effective and efficient training for you.

If you are interested in training and learning materials that can be used repeatedly and can be consumed at the trainees own pace e-learning options are available. These can take the form of webinars, videos and screencasts together with different interactive activities and learning controls. The question if the creation of e-learning materials is the right approach for you and in order to make a decision if there value for money balance is right please feel free to reach out to us.

Video production

We work closely with an experienced videographer (and former TV journalist) to create video content of the highest quality. We have vast experience with the Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects and other programs of the Creative Suite and are also able to create video streams using OBS Studio and other software.

  • We offer tailor made trainings for your specific needs from all areas of our service portfolio. 

  • We offer on-site and off-site trainings as well as virtual training formats. To pick the right format (as well as the right content) we are happy to advise our clients and work with them to create the right solution their training needs.

  • We create e-learning materials compatible with all major e-learning platforms. In this area we offer high quality video and audio production.